Case Study Examples and Step-by-Step Instructions to Convert Word Documents to Section 508 Compliant PDFs


Section 508 Compliant PDFs

Section 508 says that government materials (web pages, documentation, media, etc.) should be accessible to people with disabilities.  (See also What is Section 508 Compliance?)

Section 508 Compliant PDFsPDFs are generally available online or on other storage media (CDs, DVDs, hard drives, etc.).  They definitely fall under Section 508, but most of the tutorials and guides for 508 compliance focus on web or code-based materials.  …stuff that is generally created by techies.

PDFs generally start with original files in Word, PowerPoint, or other documentation tools, and they’re usually created by writers, editors, and content specialists – not programmers, developers or coders.

For the non-coders among us, a Step-by-Step Guide to Section 508 Compliant PDFs was needed to outline a specific process that could be duplicated with positive, passing results.

Since one didn’t exist when I started working with Section 508 Compliance teams and customers who needed compliant PDFs or in-house training, I documented all the steps used to successfully create 508 Compliant PDFs.  I also documented troubleshooting options for recurring issues.

The result is the Step-by-Step Guide to Section 508 Compliant PDFs.

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